If you live in the land of Lincoln and need a loan, here are some rich guys and gals who might be your neighbors.

Forbes magazine has released it's annual list of the richest people in the country. Yes, they all are worth Billions, not millions!

Here are Illinois Top 10 Richest People (followed by their worldwide ranking)

1. #166 Ken Griffin $8 B hedge funds
2. #324 Sam Zell $5 B real estate, private equity
3. #564 J.B. Pritzker $3.4 B hotels, investments (Candidate For Governor)
4. #603 Neil Bluhm $3.2 B real estate
5. #603 Thomas Pritzker $3.2 B  hotels, investments
6. #814 Jean (Gigi) Pritzker $2.5 B hotels, investments
7. #814 Penny Pritzker $2.5 B  hotels, investments
8. #814 Patrick Ryan $2.5 B  insurance
9. #814 Mark Walter $2.5 B  finance
10. #814 Ty Warner $2.5 B real estate, plush toys

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