Sorry, no stateline area city or town made the Top 10, though a few made the Top 100 list of the Best Places to live in Illinois.
The website, AreaVibes recently published best places to live in Illinois. It ranked each town in Illinois with a score of 0-100. A "Livability" score of 0 was the the worst and 100 was the best.

Areavibes says

The Livability Score for each city in Illinois is calculated from a unique algorithm based on various metrics, including: amenities, cost of living, crime, education, employment, housing and weather. Illinois has a population of 12,882,135 and a population density of 222.3. The capital city is Springfield and the largest city in Illinois is Chicago

HERE Are Illinois Top 10 most livable cities:

1  Winnetka, IL Population: 12,210
2  Leland Grove, IL Population: 1,740
3  Kenilworth, IL Population: 2,669
4  Glencoe, IL Population: 8,728
5  Hinsdale, IL Population: 16,594
6  Forsyth, IL Population: 3,785
7  Wilmette, IL Population: 27,202
8  Golf, IL Population: 590 85
9  Morton, IL Population: 16,255
10 Long Grove, IL Population: 8,031

While it’s quite expensive to live in these cities – and impracticable for many families — another common denominator is the sub-par weather, but then again, this is Illinois.

The good news is that some stateline area communities made the Top 100

Sycamore, IL / Google Streetview

41 Sycamore, IL Population: 17,505.
Sycamore, IL is Exceptionally Livable

• Sycamore is also ranked #2097 in the USA

Low Crime Rates,  Lots of Local Amenities,  Low Cost of Living, High Graduation Rates

Rockton, IL / Google Streetview

66 Rockton, IL Population: 7,370

Rockton, IL is Exceptionally Livable

• Rockton is also ranked #3083 in the USA

Low Crime Rates, Low Cost of Living, High Graduation Rates. High Income per Capita

Google Street View / Crystal Lake

67 Crystal Lake, IL Population: 40,867

Crystal Lake, IL is Exceptionally Livable

• Crystal Lake is  also ranked #2529 in the USA

Lots of Local Amenities, Low Crime Rates, High Graduation Rates, High Income per Capita

98 Byron, IL Population: 3,709
Byron, IL is Exceptionally Livable

• Byron is also #2023 in the USA

Low Crime Rates, Low Cost of Living,  High Graduation Rates. Lots of Local Amenities