I watch a lot of television, and I mean a lot.

If it wasn't for shows like CSI, Grey's Anatomy and Friends, I'd never know how to get away with committing crimes, how to save a choking person by performing a tracheotomy using a pen, or that anything is possible, like living in a fantastic New York City apartment when you don't have any money.

Obviously, none of that is totally possible; they're all things that television has basically "taught" us, but it's not exactly reality.

Switching gears to a more serious topic, there's something else that television has taught us that you might believe to be true, but actually isn't.

In discussing the heartbreaking disappearance of Emily Anderson, and five other open missing person cases in Winnebago County, the Winnebago County Sheriff's Office tells WREX that when it comes to reporting a missing loved one, you don't have to wait 24 hours to report them missing; that it's just a myth. I honestly did not know that.

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Please spread the word. If someone you know and love has gone missing, please don't wait to report it; and continue to keep Emily and the other five missing people from our county in your thoughts and prayers.

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