The recent rains are certainly putting a dent in our summer fun on water especially on the Rock River here in the Rockford area.

The DNR has closed the river four stateline counties.

WREX reported that the DNR (Department of Natural Resources) issued a statement late Friday that they have closed the Rock River in Winnebago, Ogle, Lee and Whiteside. the waters are to dangerous with swift currents and floating debris to have boats out.

As for when it will be reopened that remains to be seen.

Here's a quick message from the Ogle County Sheriff's office about the river and road closures.


Well boo! That truly stinks.

Not only does that stink for those who like to cruise the Rock but also, for those of us that like to tube, canoe or even kayak on some of the other rivers around here.

My friends and I had to cancel our annual July 4th weekend tubing on the Kishwaukee River because of rain raising the river and we still can't get a break to reschedule our annual fun get together.

OK, Mother Nature you've had you're fun now can you please go bother some other state. We here in Illinois have had enough of your not so fun.

We're sick of squishy ground, pumping water out of our basements, finding icky bugs in home because of your waterworks. I swear this has been one of the wettest and stormiest summers we've had in a long time.

Maybe we were due for it, but really?? I'm done!

Rain, rain go away ... PLEASE don't come back another day or at least wait until we dry out around here.



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