Now that the weather is warming up I'm so looking forward to tubing down the Kish with my friends.

If you've never done it here are a few tips you need to know before your go this summer.

First, you need to get an inner tube that is meant for being in the rivers. A regular pool inner tube will not work. Those will pop in an instant when dragging across the rocks in the rivers. I found mine (in the picture above) for $15 dollars last summer at Farm and Fleet. It has cup holders a back and a mess bottom so your butt doesn't fall through. It's quite comfortable.

Next. Make sure you wear shoes. Old beat up tennis shoes work if you don't get those aqua socks. Do not wear sandals. you need to protect your toes and feet from hitting the rocks while floating or if you need to walk through shallow parts of the river.

Also, make sure to get an air tight water proof box to keep keys, phones and anything valuable you don't want to lose in the river. Also, if you bring something along to play music make sure it's water proof.

Pack snacks, lunches, etc.. and always bring a garbage bag with you to put your trash in. My friends and I pack small coolers and have one inner tube that holds all the goods that we tie in between us.

Bring plenty of water. No since in getting dehydrated especially if your drinking alcohol while floating down the rivers.

Don't be shy about bathroom breaks. The weeds and trees on the sides of the river are your bathroom. Or well, I hate to say it but peeing into the river is acceptable. Look, when nature calls you gotta do whatcha gotta do.

Also, bring the sunblock. You will burn much faster with the sun reflecting off the water onto your pasty skin.

Hats and sunglasses are a must too... Don't wear your favorite hat though. I'd advised wearing stuff you don't care if it gets dirty in river or even lost. yes, wear your grubbies, looking cute on the river just isn't real practical. Ha!

Bring a change of dry clothes and towels for when you leave the river. Leave those items in the car at your end point of the trip.

Oh yeah, don't forget to have a car  or vehicle stationed at your exit point of the river. Plan ahead to have your party leave on e vehicle there while your other vehicle is at the start point. I'm pretty sure Uber isn't going to want to pick up you or the rest of your river rats party with all of your gear.

I think I covered all the bases from my stand point and experience of tubing.

But if you want to see more tips on having a "Great River Tubing Trip" click here.

The most important thing is to go and have fun.

I can't wait to go this year.

My favorite spot is to tube the Kish between Baumann Park in Cherry Valley down to Blackhawk Springs Park. My friends and I discussed tubing from Baumann to Atwood park along the Kish it's a little longer but so pretty.

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