We are bombarded with messages everyday of being thin and skinny.  This new body image challenge is taking it a bit too far. It involves a piece of paper.

Today Show reports that this new challenge is asking women to compare their waistlines with a piece of paper. If your waistline is larger you need to lose weight.

It's called "The A4 Waist Challenge".

Really? That's a horrible way to tell someone they don't have a decent body. What normal woman has a waistline the size of a piece of copy paper? It just isn't a realistic goal to even be reached without doing unhealthy things to yourself to achieve it.

I grew up having body image issues, from mean things kids said to me to a grandparent that used to call me fat (when I wasn't) and I fight that all the time as an adult. This paper challenge is just outright awful.

I can't image what kind of damage this will do to our young girls. This is insane. Stuff like this has to stop.

Women and girls need to be taught that we are beautiful at any size. Some of us come in bigger packages but that doesn't make us unlovable or ugly. As long as we are healthy that is the important thing all the rest of it can just take a hike.

I don't typically get riled up over things but when it comes to bullying or body image issues well you will see my heart hanging on my sleeve. I ache for others who think they are fat, ugly and worthless, because I understand I was there. Seeing ridiculous stuff like this just makes me mad.

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