Family Fitness
With Childhood obesity on the rise an organization in Loves Park was created a fitness program to help families get fit and lead healthier lives.
Body Image Challenge
We are bombarded with messages everyday of being thin and skinny.  This new body image challenge is taking it a bit too far. It involves a piece of paper.
Get Ready to Run!
I don't know about you, but I like to pretend calories don't exist while eating my Thanksgiving meal. Isn't the main goal of the meal to stuff yourself to the gills? Thinking about calories just ruins the mood, but if maintaining your waist line is a priority this holiday, here's…
Take the Sit Rise Test
How long will you live? The Sit Rise test will show you your life expectancy.
Heck, I was curious so here I am trying it out to see "Does this Work?".
Work Out and Drink Wine
Now that we are into the second month of the new year, how's that resolution of going to the gym working out?
Finding it a bit harder to squeeze time in and around work and other activities. No worries. If you can't hit the gym drink some wine.

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