Jim Hagerty is getting in shape again, one Rockford workout at a time.

I'm always amazed on what I stumble upon on YouTube.

Today, while searching around I ran into a YouTube series called Hagerty's Gym.

Let me tell you a little about what I know about Jim Hagerty and Hagerty's Gym.

  1. So far, there are four episodes of this series.
  2. Jim Hagerty used to compete in bodybuilding competitions in the 1990's, but never one first prize.
  3. Jim probably has a red pen and is marking all of my grammar mistakes as he is a journalist.
  4. Jim has a passion for health, humor and Rockford.
  5. Jim wants to get back to his bodybuilding days but not by walking into a gym.

So I don't know much, but I know enough to know that I can't stop watching these videos.

In the first episode, Jim explains why he wants to get back in shape, gets yelled at for using the weights in Rockford's Walmart store and gets a quick burn in the fitting room.

In the second episode, Jim heads down to the Rock River to get a good triceps burn. Here he meets Matt from the Forest City Queen Riverboat and talks to a bunch of strangers outside and at different Rockford stores.

In episode three, Jim brings Porter along on his next workout. After flipping a giant tire he heads over to Phoenix Traders to get the rest of his workout in.

Finally, in the fourth episode, Jim visits an old home on the corner of Whitman and Main and chats with Bill Howard who is deconstructing the home for a good reason.

Where ever Jim may be, he finds a way to get a workout in and invites you to go on this fitness journey with him. Don't worry, he will keep you laughing and entertained all the way.

Can't wait for episode five!

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