The Grinch is alive and well in Northern Illinois as Christmas has arrived. Thieves are targeting Rockford Area homes that are displaying the hottest new Christmas decoration.

Over the past few years, you may have noticed the new fad in decorating for the holidays are LED projected light displays on the outside of homes. The display requires a special projector that casts a display of LED lights onto the front of the home. The display can be static or can provide a motion light show that truly dazzles.

Unfortunately, this hot new holiday decoration is also the prime target of thieves as of late. Social media has been filled with a rash of reports from residents reporting the theft of these LED holiday light projectors.

The most recent report came from Kary Rennae who lives in the Ledges area of Roscoe. She took to social media to say:

If the jerk who stole my light projector last night in Roscoe reads this, I’d like you to know that:
1) your a lowlife.
2) if your stupid enough to come back for the other one, go right ahead. You will be on camera this time.

I also wanted to add that I hope every time that you turn it on, you feel guilty and picture the sad little 3 year old who no longer has her lights that she loved.

It boggles the mind as to why someone would stoop so low, as to steal Christmas decorations from her front yard.

Linda Dixon of Belvidere had a similar experience recently:

The same thing happened to us the other night we had just taken about a 1/2 hour setting them up so it looked nice on the house and the next morning it was gone.

Here's what the the projection lights look like

It's just sad to have to explain to your child that someone stole Christmas from the front yard of your house. No parent ever wants to have this conversation.

Be advised, if you have one of these displays, be on the look out for thieves this holiday season.

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