I am not from Pecatonica, but my husband's family is, so we drive there often. I am telling you this because I was today years old when I realized I have been missing the massive sunflower field that I pass every time I drive to and from Pecatonica.

Am I ashamed of my ignorance? Yep. Can I get a pass because I am not technically from Pecatonica and in the "know"? I hope so.

Where to Pick Sunflowers For Free In Pecatonica, Illinois

New Life Bible Church is located off US 20 on Hoisington Rd. in Pecatonica. I'm sure you've passed it multiple times when traveling West on US 20, but if you're like me, you've probably never noticed the beauty that lies behind the church this time of the year...

When you have this much beauty lying behind your church, what do you do with it? You let everyone enjoy it for free says New Life Bible Church!

A friend of mine visited New Life Bible Church's sunflower field over the weekend and was raving on Facebook about how beautiful it was. After doing a little research, I discovered this is a brand new tradition for New Life Bible Church, (and now I feel much about my ignorance). Their website says they created the sunflower field because;

WE LOVE OUR COMMUNITIES! We want to put smiles on the faces of our community and be a blessing. Covid and life have been tough on many and we want to bring a little joy and beauty to our community.

How awesome is that?!?

New Life Bible Church encourages everyone in the Stateline area to come and pick free sunflower bouquets, and while you're there pick several, so you can share the sunshine with everyone you love!

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