Attention all moms and dads with daughters in the Girl Scouts, please add my number to your speed dial and let me know when cookie selling season begins next year because imma need these....

According to USA Today, after two years, the Girls Scouts of the USA are debuting a new flavor, and I can't wait to try them- Caramel Chocolate Chip. OH.EM.GEE.

What makes these gluten-free, mouthwatering morsels even better is that they're throwing in a dash of sea salt; yeah, they like to point out the gluten free, but I'm only here for allllll the sweet and salty.

So when can you get them? In most regions, Girl Scout Cookie season starts in January or February, but it varies by council.

If you aren't already tight with a mom who's daughter sells cookies, you can keep up to date on the Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois Facebook page.

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