You know the man... 'Florida Man'. He never really has a name, well, I'm sure he does we just never hear it. All we know about him is that he's from Florida.

The 'Florida Man Challenge' went viral a few months ago after people started to realize just how crazy the stories are that come out of Florida. The challenge had you Google 'Florida Man' and your birthday. Then a news story about a Florida man that happened on your birthday would come up.

Well, apparently a viral challenge wasn't enough to give us our Florida fix. We need a whole TV show. Oxygen Network announced it will develop a series based on the strange crimes that always seem to happen in Florida. Oxygen's website details -

When the murder is so bizarre, the motive so far-fetched and the crime so outlandish that it sounds like something from a Hollywood screenplay—there’s a good chance it was actually committed by a “Florida Man."  With access to Florida investigators and prosecutors, this series zeroes in on America’s most notorious, outrageous, craftiest killers from the Sunshine State. The series will unravel the strange twists and turns and try in vain to reason how and why this breed of killers took their crimes to levels beyond comprehension.


Oh Florida ... please stay this weird forever.

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