Weather in Rockford and northern Illinois is a treat. It's unbearable, unpredictable and simply un-fun.

One minute you're thinking about busting out the short sleeves while the next you're wondering what happened to your winter jacket.

Weather in Rockford can be face melting hot and spine tingling cold, and to makes matters worse, it could happen on the same day.

The past few days and next couple of days are a perfect example of weather in Rockford. Saturday and Sunday were gorgeous, and today will be fine too, but tomorrow? Forecasters are calling for 4-6 inches of snow.

It got me thinking about the worst months for Rockford weather.

Here's my list of 10:

  1. February - Everything is dead, frozen or dirty. Plus the constant threat of one last punch in the face from Mother Nature as we near the end of winter is always fun.
  2. March - March doesn't get a pass because we are finally out of February. We are even closer to spring but it still manages to feel like Winter for half the month (or more.) If month's were kids, February would be the bully and March would be the little brother who comes up and kicks you while you're laying on the ground.
  3. August - I prefer summer to any of the other seasons in Rockford. However, August can get straight up uncomfortable. Sticky hot humidity makes me want to stay indoors, forever. August in Rockford makes it feel like you're living life like a Cinnabon. Sure it's is fun but you know by the time you're done eating you'll probably be sticky and sweaty.
  4. November - While November is my birthday month, I know that we're on the verge of some nasty weather. November can bring snow, cold, rain, freezing rain and more. November is like the Star Wars prequels. We'll sit through November because December is pretty great with Christmas and all but getting through it kinda sucks.
  5. May - I don't know what the story is with May in Rockford and northern Illinois for that matter. It seems to rain, like, a bunch. I've gotten used to not making big plans over Memorial Day weekend, because you can almost guarantee one if not two of those days during the holiday will get washed out.