Ok, I know this isn't subject that's talked about in mixed company, but we all know it happens. Women have periods. Now, think about having to bring up the subject to your daughters.

Are you feeling a bit queasy or sweaty palms now? If you find the subject a bit uncomfortable maybe this doll can help as she gets, of all things, her period.

No I'm not kidding.

The Inquisitr reports that Nikolay Lamm the creator of the Lammily dolls as they are more life like and realistic to actual women. "The Lammily as a doll can also come with things real women have, like cellulite, pimples, and stretch marks and yes, a period. These dolls are being hailed as great teaching tools to teach young girls about their periods."

Here is the funny ad, that's become a YouTube success, of parents trying to teach their daughter about menstruation.
Can we say awkward?
My parents really didn't have that talk with me per say. I had two older sisters and friends plus all the literature we got at school in 5th grade to ever have to sit through something like that with my parents.
Maybe this Lammily doll would be helpful.What do you think?