Every year "The Greatest Show On Earth" comes to Chicago. It kicks out the Hawks and Bulls. But, that will all be changing soon.

The Chicago Tribune says that their sources the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will make it last stop to the United Center this month. This is the final year of the contract and arena management has decided to not renew with the circus.

Every year around this time, both the Bulls and Blackhawks have to vacate the United Center and go on a two week road trip. It has always been dubbed as "the circus trip". This tradition goes back to when the Chicago Stadium was still standing.

Here is a statement from the Senior Vice President of Operations at the United Center Terry Savarise:

"The reason we're doing this is twofold. One is that in future years the Bulls and Blackhawks no longer have to endure two two-week road trips, and a subset of that is that those trips had resulted in a compression of our home schedules. There were times when you'd have four home games in a one-week period, which fans didn't like."

Who suffers from all of this? The fans of the circus. There is no word as to where the circus is going to land next year. Maybe a new location could be Allstate Arena? It would be closer for us here in Rockford.

Another change will be the length of the Disney On Ice performance. It will only be a week instead of two weeks. That will take place in 2018.