We all have our drinks of choice, and tastes differ throughout this great country of ours, but have you ever sat and thought, "If the United States was a bar, what is each state doing and drinking?" Well, here's the answers, and they are pretty hilarious.

Alright, maybe that question isn't something we normally think about, but a recent Reditt post did ask the question to it's users, and the compilation of answers they received are pretty accurate. Here's a few examples:

  • California is constantly buying drinks for others, yet has failing kidneys from lack of hydration.
  • Tennessee is drinking Jack Daniels and watching NASCAR.
  • Arkansas is drinking straight whiskey and asking people if they want to arm wrestle to prove how manly they are.

What did they have to say about Illinois or Wisconsin? Read them all here and see if you agree.

After reading that list I got to thinking, when the Q Crew members are in a bar which typical bar patron do we best represent?

  • Steve Summers is the one drinking whiskey and hugging everybody in the bar while taking full of advantage of the free drinks.
  • Mark Charvat is parked out by the free popcorn machine and surrounding himself with bowls of nuts and one bottle of Mike's Hard Lemonade while telling an unending string of bad jokes.
  • Susan Tyler is chatting with the bartender about unique cocktail recipes, and impressing them with her fun bar tricks. (Check them out right now on the Q Tube on YouTube)
  • I (Lil Zim) am probably in the corner being super loud and playing quarters with the other rowdy folks.

Don't believe me? Come see for yourself over Labor Day weekend at the Brews & BBQ event Saturday, September 5 at Settlers Park in Rockton. We'll have craft brews, domestic brews, all kinds of BBQ'd yummies, plus we'll top it off with dessert in the form of Brett Michaels on the Bryden Motors stage at night. It's gonna be a blast, so you better get your tickets now!