Every parent worries about their kids. We constantly find ourselves suffering from parental guilt. Do we spend enough time with them? Are we teaching them the right life skills to be kind and successful human beings? Do they really know how much we love them? Let's stop, relax and remember; these are the 5 things that really matter to the life of a child.

Don't get me wrong, all those worries are important, but when I came across this Time article it really put things in perspective for me. Hopefully it does for you as well.

What parenting habits are the most significant to kids?

  1. The times you made them feel safe (or unsafe).
  2. The times you give them your undivided attention.
  3. The way you interact with your spouse.
  4. Your words of affirmation AND your words of criticism.
  5. Your family traditions.

To me those five points can be summed up with 4 simple words: Make Every Moment Count. Most parents today have to work and can't spend every day with our kids no matter how much we want to. We just need to make sure that all the times we are with them really matter. I have to remind myself of this everyday.  Take them places, play with them, try to make memories and laughter daily, and when all else fails read this: Top 6 Wines to Pair With Your Child's Crappy Behavior.

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