The worst part about graduating college is having to pay for drinks. Why? Because in college you can order as many drinks as you want and you won't wake up broke the next day. However, the real world is very different. Drinks cost way more money, like..... way more.

However, some restaurants and bars are committed to the college prices and that's why we love them just a little more than normally priced places. Applebee's is the BEST and making you feel like you're in your 20's again with cheap drinks. So what's the latest?

$2 Captain and Colas! AKA college in a cup, all for TWO DOLLARS. According to Business Wire -

The new $2 Captain and Cola is served in a 10 oz. mug and crafted with Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and Pepsi. Don’t be a scallywag – heave ho to Applebee’s to live like a captain and take advantage of this price that can’t be found anywhere else on the high seas.

Cheers to drinking for cheap and feeling it the next day! For all the boozey details head here.

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