Parents if you have teen drivers in the house this message is important.

The 100 deadliest days has just begun for them.

In a recent study from AAA, reported by WIFR, the 100 deadliest days concerning your teen driver just started on Memorial Day and runs through Labor Day.

AAA reports that the "during the next 100 days, from Memorial Day to Labor day, the number of people killed in crashes involving a teenager driver averages 10 a day. That's 16 percent higher than the rest of the year."

Wow! This hits home as I have a niece and nephew who are teen drivers, and two more nephews who are about to become drivers within the year.

Interestingly enough, many think the accidents are caused by cellphones distracting the driver, but in reality the distraction is from other teen passengers by nearly15%. Cell phones follow at 12%. now what?

What can a parent or guardian do to help protect their teens? AAA says "to explain the dangers to your teen driver. Help them understand how to control the environment. Even have a contract with consequences for a crash or a ticket."

Stress that "driving is their primary task, conversations shouldn't be, and if you're on social media, trying to stay connected, it will replace driving as your primary task."

For more helpful tips for your teen drivers click the link below:




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