Surprise! It's not the turkey that will enlarge your waist line the most. If you are planning on indulging on Thanksgiving, be aware that the average person consumes 4500 calories on the biggest eating holiday of the year.

U.S. News says that the meal will cost you 3000 calories and that snacks and side amount to an average of 1500 calories.

So, it's time you put your diet aside for a day and indulge, but it will cost you.

It's important to note that the centerpiece of your thanksgiving meal, the turkey, will only account for 206 calories, ranking at #8. compiled a list of the Thanksgiving foods with the highest calorie count.

Here is the Top 10

10. Quarter-cup cranberry sauce: 100 calories
9. One-cup stuffing: 202 calories
8. Four-ounce roasted turkey (dark meat with skin): 206 calories
7. One-cup green bean casserole: 225 calories
6. One piece of homemade pumpkin pie: 316 calories
5. One-cup mashed potatoes with gravy: 342 calories
4. One-cup cornbread dressing: 358 calories
3. One piece of homemade apple pie: 411 calories
2. One piece of homemade pecan pie: 503 calories
1. One-cup sweet potatoes with marshmallows: 587 calories

Yep, blame your weigh gain on the sweet potatoes!

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