You know me and those quizzes I find on-line, I can't resist them.

When that quiz is combined with cooking, you bet I had to take it to test my cooking knowledge.

How knowledgeable are you with recipes and ingredients? I found this test to be fairly easy. However, there were a couple questions that I had to take a moment and think about it.

Are you game?

Take the test: Can you guess what I'm cooking

What were your results?

My results:

Elite Chef!
You sure know what's cooking! You know exactly what it takes to create the perfect meal. People who know you, know that if it's your food - it better be done right! You enjoy things that are well-put together and was born to be on the food network. You mixed, dipped, and beat this quiz as if it owed you money! Next time your friends need some cooking done right, you're the one to call! Share this quiz to see how many of your friends can figure out what's cooking!