Terry Crews, a larger than life football player turned actor has been gracing the big screen for a while now. From his hilarious Old Spice commercials to some of his goofy roles like Damon in Friday After Next to playing Lieutenant Jeffords on Brooklyn 99, Crews has been bringing his muscular joy to lots of people all over the world. Disney Studios announced a couple weeks ago that they were casting for the new upcoming live action reboot of the Little Mermaid and needless to say, Terry is very interested in one specific role.

crews triton 2

King Triton seems to be at the top of the list for Crews. He went to Twitter to campaign himself and his photoshopped image did not disappoint. The internet looks to be behind Terry too if you check out all the comment's and GIF's. There's been no news yet on if Crews will be Disney's pick for the King Triton Role but if it happens we will definitely let you know as I'm sure he will as well.

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