If you had $10,000 to spend what would you buy?

Take a look at the 10 most ridiculous things you can buy for $10,000.

Hello Giggles made up a list of the very weird and ridiculous things you can blow $10,000 on.

- A desk made out of a corvette. I suppose if you're a corvette fanatic it would seem fitting, but wow $10,000 on a desk!

- A Rocking Chair Bed. A bed that literally rocks you to sleep, either that or you feel like you on the high seas rolling in the waves.

- A Hobbit Home. Wow! I guess if you're deep into the "The Lord of the Rings" this would be ok, just a little weird for my taste.

- Lifelike bust to hold your ashes. No one like to think about death, but how would you like to be around forever looking on your loved ones. Your ashed can be placed in alifelike bust of you.

- A Water-Thrusting Jet Bike. You get the thrill of a motorcycle while jetting over the waters at your favorite lake or beach. Now that seems a little more sensible if you like water sports. Of course we can only use for 3 months of the year in Illinois.

- A BBQ Grill Shaped like a gun. I mean come one who doesn't want burgers grilled on a gun? Haha!

- A Waterproof Pool Table. Just in case you get the urge to play pool outdoors in the rain or want to play while in the pool.

- A really expensive cocktail. Yes, there's a cocktail called Salvatore's Legacy made at London's exclusive Playboy Club. The cocktail concoction uses "240-year old ingredients dating back to before the French Revolution. Defined to be a classic blend of vintage ingredients" that has a woodsy taste. Wow! 10grand for a cocktail made of old alcohol. Ok.

- Jeans. Yep a pair of jeans that have diamonds sewn in them. "Clothing designer Key Closet is selling diamond-studded denim for thousands of dollars. There’s one full diamond carat on each back pocket."

- Gold Pills. Pills made of 24 carat gold you swallow that have no health benefits to them. You swallow them because you can, and well the end result you will poop gold. Yeah that's a good deal on $10,000. Ha!

Well those are quite interesting ways to blow $10,000.

The sad thing is people actually have done this otherwise there wouldn't be a list.

If I had $10,000 to blow it would be most definitely on a car.

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