After the year we just made it through, we all need a vacation. I don't know about you, but at this point, I don't need a major, tropical vacation, I just need a nice getaway where I can forget my troubles for a bit.

Think a trip to the Chula Vista Resort and Waterpark at the Wisconsin Dells is just what you need right now? Good, because we want to give you one!

All you need to do for the chance to win this getaway is send us an old pic vacation pic on the Q98.5 app.  Got a pic of your toes in the sand or swimming in a pool with the fam? We want to see it! Got a pic of you in a hammock or enjoying a campfire with friends? Perhaps it's a pic of your kids skiing or tubing? We want to see them all!

If it's a pic of your special place to unwind and relax,  send it to us now ON THE Q98.5 APP for a chance to win an overnight stay in a 2 bedroom condo at Chula Vista Resorts in the Wisconsin Dells and 6 waterpark passes!

There are only two rules to follow for the chance to must submit your photos by March 29, 2021, and they have to be sent on the Q98.5 app. Not sure how to do that? Check this out...


Can't wait to see all your gorgeous smiling faces soon! Good luck!


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