I guess last night just wasn't my night. I burned myself not once but twice.

First getting waffles out of my toaster oven then a dollop of hot glue from my hot glue gun dripped onto my finger. Ouch!

I couldn't find the neosproin in my cabinet so I what should I do? I hit the internet looking for home remedies and found these top ten home remedies for burns.

I knew about the aloe-Vera plant. As a kid, my Mom used to have one growing in the kitchen window. Whether we burned ourselves on the stove or had a nasty sunburn she was always ready with a split leaf to rub over our burns.

However, looking at this list I had no idea that a potato, dampened black tea bags, coconut oil and even onion juice are great alternatives for taking care of burns.

I chose to slathered on a dollop of coconut oil and amazingly it took the sting away almost immediately. The only issue I had with this is, you need to wrap the area or the oil melts and gets all over. I also tried honey and covered with a band-aid. So far I'm impressed with the results.

Next time, if your like I was, and  have those strange mishaps with burns try one of these remedies and see what you think.

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