Are you into the whole tarot card reading experience? As we get closer to Halloween more and more opportunities like these are likely to pop up. It's not that the experience is spooky or involves communicating with the deceased, it's the mystique of the cards that make this a Halloween-ish thing.

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I've had my tarot cards read on two occasions more than 10 years apart and I had the same reaction for both. I'm not knocking the experience or anyone you who is into tarot cards, don't get me wrong. To me it was entertaining and that's about it.

A big change will happen in your life in the next year.

That phrase was something I heard both times and in my mind, the reaction was "Duh, something big happens every year." That is a little bit of a negative reaction, I will agree. I don't judge others who do enjoy that kind of thing. One of our coworkers here actually performs tarot card reading.

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If tarot card experiences are of interest to you there are two different activities in Wisconsin that you might want to check out.

The first Airbnb tarot card experience is Tarot At The Lake in Williams Bay. This is pretty simple with an individual intuitive channeling session regarding guests' paths, issues, and relationships. There's a chance to learn how to recognize your intuition and use oracle cards as a guide. Here's a review of the reading, hosted by Susan Steele.

I found her reading possessed spot-on relevance and I felt her presence was warm, inviting, full of light and encouragement.

This two-hour experience is $25 a person and can be booked here.

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Tea & Tarot in the Afternoon

Another unique Airbnb experience in Wisconsin is in Milwaukee at The Zen Dragonfly Studio. For this, guests will learn the history of tarot cards and how to read them.

Angela is a phenomenal host/ teacher and she will be a great guide and resource for you in this journey.

There's more to this experience in that guests are invited to enjoy organic brewed tea and savory tea sandwiches, all while learning the folklore and history of the Tarot. This two-hour experience is $55 per person and can be booked here.

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