Looks like Target is taking a page out of Walmart's 2020 playbook.

That's because the retail giant said late last week they would indeed also close for Thanksgiving.

Keeping in step with Walmart, Target is also doing the same.

When we say you can take advantage of great deals all season long, we really mean it. So kick back, relax and enjoy a long nap after you finish that last piece of Thanksgiving turkey.

It looks like Target is implementing holiday pricing on many of its products starting in October to avoid a "Black Friday rush" that in 2020 is just impossible to pull off.

The news from Target is great for those of us who want to avoid the Thanksgiving Day pressure of getting out early in order to save a few bucks on Christmas gifts.

It also means Target employees get the day off on Thanksgiving. After these past few months, Target employees and others in the retail sector could sure use a minute.

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