Let's just be honest for a moment. When we are driving and come across a car accident, we all become a 'rubbernecker'. By that I mean, we become very distracted behind the wheel looking trying to figure out what happened. That behavior is bad enough, but some people take it to the next level by pulling out their phones to grab some photos or videos of the incident.

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Well, let me tell you right now, the next time you are driving in Wisconsin and come across a car accident, DO NOT pick up your phone! Here's why;

It Is Now Illegal to Take Pictures of Crash Sites in Wisconsin

According to CBS 58 in Wisconsin;

 It's now against the law in Wisconsin to pull out your phone camera to take pictures or videos of a car crash while driving.

What's the reason for this new law? It's just what you think; taking a pic with your phone while you're behind the wheel can lead to more accidents, or simply, make a bad situation even worse.

This new Wisconsin law will penalize anyone who uses their cell phone within 500 feet of a crash site, and police will be watching for violators. The CBS 58 article says that this new law actually went into effect back in December and that "law enforcement officials say they haven't seen much change". Not cool people.

I'm sure you're now wondering how stiff the penalties are for people who get caught using their phones by a crash site? Well, violators could pay a fine of up to $10,000, spend nine months in jail, or be assigned to community service.

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