It's that time for everything creepy and spooky.

If you enjoy hearing and seeing about haunted places, especially in Rockford, then this is bus tour your don't want to miss. It's happening this Saturday.

According to Go Rockford, guests will meet the Veterans Memorial Hall parking lot at 7pm this Saturday, October 10th and will travel in a coach bus to different haunted locations throughout the city. Kathi Kresol of Haunted Rockford will share the haunted history of the locations she has researched.

For costs and details about this tour and other haunted tours and events, click here.

By the way, the majority of this tour will be outside so please dress appropriately for the weather.

I'm kind of on the fence about tours like that. It would be interesting to know some of the spooky history of Rockford, yet I'm not a fan of anything haunted.

Yeah, I know call me a party pooper but I DO NOT like haunted houses. Nope, Nope, NOPE!

I look at it this way, with me not going, I eave room for you to go see and do all those spooky, creepy things for the season. See it all works out now, doesn't it.