The Chicago Cubs has officially racked up their first home "W" of the season, and now all Cubs fans are going crazy with their dreams of a World Series win in 2016. Yes, a lot of people are saying the Cubs are a World Series favorite for this year, but let's not jinx the chances! Fact is, a lot of new Cubs fans may be venturing to Wrigley Field this year, so Thrillist has provided us with this 2016 Chicago Cubs Fan Challenge to make sure the "Friendly Confines" stay exactly that. 

Raise your hand now, and read these aloud:

  • "I will not speak of curses"
  • "I will be relentlessly positive"
  • "I will understand how many drinks I am capable of having"
  • "I will pay an appropriate amount of attention"
  • "I will think of the children" (and behave appropriately)
  • "I will update my wardrobe" (Cubs wardrobe that is)
  • "I will abide by the home run policy" (throw the opponent's home run ball back on the field)
  • "I will treat opposing fans as I'd like to be treated"
  • "I will keep my hands away from balls in play"


Share this now with all your fellow Cubs fans, new and old, and read the complete Thrillist pledge now here.

Good luck, Cubs! It's gonna be a good year!