With the gorgeous changing of the leaves, warmish fall weather and Halloween just around the corner, you can't pass up a chance to to combine all of those things and take this spooky road trip through Illinois.

Only in Your State mapped out a route for you and your thrill seeker companions to drive from the top of Illinois to almost the tip to visit haunted sites where ghosts and paranormal activities have been reported.

Your trip begins in Belvidere at Bloods Point Cemetery, where the famed ghost of Beaula, who allegedly "killed all of her children" and was buried there, haunts the cemetery.

Next stop is the Graceland Cemetery in Chicago. It has one of the creepiest statues of a figure shrouded in a cloak and many have reported seeing it move.

Now your ready to visit Bachelor's Grove Cemetery in Midolthian, IL (Southwest of Chicago). A woman in white carrying a baby has been seen roaming the grounds and the mob used this place as a dumping ground for bodies.

A quick stop at the old Manteno State Hospital in Manteno, IL is in order. This once was a psychiatric hospital and a lot of paranormal activity has been reported hear from yelling, screaming and pounding on the walls, etc... Ewww... super creepy.

Next on the list is the town of Peoria, IL. There's a couple of places ghost hunters need to see. The Peoria Public Library and the Peoria State Hospital (a nicer way to say Insane Asylum). Many have reported seeing a former library worker's ghost walking about the rows of books and staff have heard their name being called when no one was around. At the hospital a former patient and burial crew member has been seen haunting the building and grounds.

Ok are you still with me?

Your travels now take a turn to Alton, IL where the famed Mineral Springs Hotel was. A mall was built over the healing spa, but it's pool still remains and it's haunted. In fact they lead haunted tours of the place. Click here to find out more.

There's three more stops to make. Are you ready to proceed?

Before you head out of Alton you'll need to gear up for more creepiness at the old McPike Mansion. This place is said to be haunted by several ghosts and many have seen glowing orbs floating in and around the house.

From Alton you'll drive to Godfrey, IL and drop in at St. Patrick's Cemetery. This cemetery was built over a former Native American burial grounds and there's been reports of noises and other strange activities happening here.

Now your last stop to round our your haunted road trip is at the Cahokia Mounds State Park in Collinsville, IL. This is one of the earliest civilizations that settled here in Illinois and it is said that the former residents haunt the grounds.

Are you intrigued? Are you ready to roll?

I can see taking a long weekend to ensure enough time to visit each of these spots. That is if you're into all that spooky, scary, haunted stuff.

As for me, I'd just enjoy the ride. I'll be the one sitting in the car while you explored the paranormal.

Oh and by the way, click here for information of the interactive version of your spooky road trip, if you'd like to use it to follow along with on your journey.

Happy Haunting!