If you like to be scared witless then this haunted train ride is one you need to ride this Halloween season. The cool thing is it's less than hour from Rockford.

Only in Your State wrote an article of one of the spookiest train rides that thrill seekers need to ride.

It's found in Edgerton Wisconsin, just over the border, and you can get there in about 50 minutes give or take a few.

The Rock River Thresheree Haunted Train Ride opens this weekend and for the following two weekends of Oct. 22-23 and Oct. 29-30. They offer train rides that I quote "will truly scare you" and completely terrify you.

Are you still with me? If you dare to ride the trains they do offer two types. One train ride is what they call the "less spooky one" and the other is "an absolute scare fest."

If you're more on the side of taking the less spooky ride those are offered from 3pm to 6pm on weekends and the Haunted Train Ride of Terror runs 6pm to close. Yep, right when it starts getting dark and things seem even more creepier because your senses are heightened.

According to their website, www.thresheree.com, the trains depart every 20 minutes and the rides last about 15 to 20 minutes long no matter which option your choose to ride.

Also, it's a fairly cheap thrill to ride these trains as it costs $6 from those ages 7 years and up. $4 for ages 3 to 6 and 2 and under are absolutely fear.

Now when waiting for your train or for your friends to get back from their ride of terror, it's ok if you're too scared to ride I don't blame you, you can check out the crafts, food, refreshments, and there's even games for the kids.

See their website or visit their facebook page, Haunted Train of Terror, for more information.


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