It's been almost 3 years since it opened and now Sycamore's only brewpub is ready to expand.

Wait a minute. Sycamore has a brewery?

I had no idea. Did you?

Apparently, Forge Brewhouse opened in June of 2015. They became known "for serving a variety of unique craft beers and specialty pizzas."

Now almost 3 years later, business has been so good they're ready to expand. Not only with a new location for their pub but also for offsite brewing.

According to the Daily ChronicleForge Brewhouse’s new building will be located at 327 W. State St. in the former Super $1 Store in downtown Sycamore.

The new space gives the brewpub "about 200 square feet of additional space" than the former space on 1330 E. State St. The "Forge will maintain its size of about 84 seats while adding a private room for parties of 25 to 30 people." Plus, they can expand their kitchen space with this move.

The owners of Forge Brewhouse, James & Lisa Heinrich, also are in the planning process "to open a tap room in their off-site brewery, sell kegs of beer to other restaurants and add a lunch menu at the new brewpub."

By the way, the off-site brewery with tap house will be in DeKalb and all of the Forge's beer will be brewed there. James Heinrich said that with the off-site brewery they "will have 2,200 square feet of space for brewing, compared with only 300 square feet for brewing in the current location."

The Heirich's are also "changing their licensing so they can sell beer from their brewery to other restaurants." James said that “For over a year, we’ve been getting a lot of people asking us, pub owners, restaurant owners, if they could buy kegs of our beer.” 

Hmmm, I'm wondering if we'll see their beers popping up in Woodman's or Cork, Keg and Barrel in the near future? Honestly, I wouldn't be surprise.

They have over 11 different varieties of beer to choose from. Click here to see their beer list.

It's pretty exciting to see this take off.

Where in the world have I been that I didn't know this?

Now I've really got to go check them out.

To learn more about Forge Brewhouse visit their Facebook page, Forge Brewhouseor on-line at




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