This weekend I decided to finished the check list, from the tips I shared last week, of getting my car ready for winter by changing the wiper blades and air filter.

I'm so thankful for my helper in checking off my car care list.The helper was the website

Watching those videos helped me in knowing how to change my air filter and wiper blades. I had never done that before. Typically my Dad always did that for me.

Since, my Dad is still recuperating from gall bladder surgery, I decided I'm going to do this myself. It can't be that hard.

With the help of the video it wasn't. It was a tad awkward in reach, especially with the passenger side wiper blade,but in about 20 minutes I was all done and now my car is all set for winter.

Thank God for the internet!

Next on my list of car care and maintenance is changing the In Cabin Air Filter. Yes, there is such a thing. Mine is located under the glove box. It's kind of an awkward spot so I need to wait for another nice day to be replacing that.

The site said that, that filter is often overlooked but it's important to change since it filters out impurities, dust, etc.. that circulate inside the car when you run the heat or air. If you have allergies like me it's best to change this filter.

I had no idea, now I want to change it. Gross. I've owned my car for six years and I've never changed that filter. I never knew it even existed. Now that I do, I'm more than determined to replace it. Eww, icky, just the though of breathing dirty air. Yuck.