If you're planning on rushing out after your Thanksgiving dinner for those Pre-Black Friday Sales or you're planning to hit the stores early Friday for your Black Friday shopping, you may just want to follow these 6 rules to help you survive it.

Country Outfitters Life came up with six sensible rules to follow to get the most out of your Black Friday shopping, ensuring that you will have a good time when snapping up those great holiday deals.

1. Make a Plan. It's your guide to help throughout your time shopping. In a sense it's your plan of attack. knowing which store your going to for whatever deal is to be had.

2. Have your priorities in order. I know all those awesome deals are really tempting to buy things for yourself, that's my downfall, just stick to your shopping list.

3. Don't go alone. it's easier to divide up the shopping list to save time in looking through the stores for your gifts.

4. Don't wear heels. Wear comfortable shoes. You're going to be doing a lot of walking and standing. Those awesome boots won't be so awesome after standing in line or walking from the far space in the parking lot.

5. Pack snacks. Cherry Vales food court will be crowded as well as most of the restaurants around, so throwing in some snacks or a little cooler in your car with drinks etc.. really isn't such a bad idea.

6. Just stay home. enjoy your day off and being with the family, besides you can always shop on-line. That is exactly what I plan on doing. Lounging in my jammies shopping on-line then setting up my Christmas tree and decorations is what I look forward to on Black Friday.

Honestly, I'm in awe of those that get up early and brave the crowds. It just isn't my thing. Plus, having worked retail during college, I worked many Black Friday's and well let's just say I feel for those who are working nowadays. It isn't fun. I don't want to do that to them.