The biggest shopping day of the year is almost here, and if finding the best gifts for the least amount of money is your favorite game to play, I'm sure you've already been checking out Black Friday ad previews online.

The Keys to Black Friday Shopping Success

Sorting through Black Friday ads on Thanksgiving is one of my family's yearly traditions, but I'd be lying if I said it didn't get overwhelming at times. With so many stores and deals to choose from, finding the best price for a specific item can be a little tough, plus I'm not a fan of running from store to store to snag deals. I much prefer finding the best deals at the few stores I typically shop at, (and the rest I'll buy online).

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If you want 2023's Black Friday shopping adventure to be the most productive, (and budget-friendly), here are 5 tips for success from Consumer Reports:

  1. Start early - The sales at most stores have already begun, so jump on them NOW.
  2. Skip the store and buy online - Sometimes stores offer even bigger deals, options, and selections online than they do in-store. (Plus you don't have to deal with all the crazies).
  3. Use websites and apps that compare prices for you - Comparing prices ahead of time on sites like Google Shopping or apps like ShopSavvy will help you make sure you get the best price for any item you are looking for.
  4. Use loyalty programs - Some stores will give members early access to promotions, extra coupon savings, etc.
  5. Create a budget - Plan ahead of time how much you have to spend, and STICK TO IT. Knowing how much you have to spend going in will really help cut down on splurges.
Marques Thomas on Unsplash, Canva
Marques Thomas on Unsplash, Canva

Illinois Stores With the Best Black Friday Deals

If Black Friday shopping is something you look forward to all year long, here are the10 stores where you will get the most bang for your buck in 2023 according to a recent WalletHub survey (in numeric order starting with the best);

  1. JCPenney (59.1%)
  2. Macy’s (58.2%)
  3. Belk (48.8%)
  4. Kohl's (48.8%)
  5. Target (32.7%)
  6. BJ's (30.1%)
  7. Best Buy (29.8%)
  8. Amazon (28.5%)
  9. Walmart (26.9%)
  10. Dell (25.8%)

Obviously, we don't have any Belk or BJ's stores in the Illinois area for us to go shopping at, BUT we could always get those deals online, right?

Hopefully, this info will help you plan 2023's Black Friday shopping adventure a little better!

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