Bring it on, 'Super Flower Blood Moon,' we'll battle you. 

Every month we get a full moon, but some are bigger and brighter than others. This month we're getting the year's biggest 'supermoon,' and it's called the 'Super Flower Blood Moon,' according to People Magazine. 

This will happen for us Wednesday, May 26, which is supposed to be the only lunar eclipse of the year.

So here's the deal, People is telling us that the moon is going to reach 'perigee,' which means it's the closet point to Earth in orbit and that's why we can call it a supermoon.

We should see the full moon starting at 6:15am on Wednesday.

The bigger question is, what does this mean for our astrological signs?

According to, this full moon is part of the supermoon trilogy that started in April and will end in June and this should, 'enlighten us all, particularly due to its enthusiasm and motivation to change the world.'

That sounds super positive right? Yes. But it usually takes some fire to get to that positivity, and we have Sagittarius to thank for that.

Being that the moon is in fiery Sagittarius, it’s a guarantee that emotions will be burning hot and extremely heavy, as we move on from toxic situations that limit our autonomy or personal freedom.

But in the end, it's all supposed to end with positivity and happiness, so I'll take it. Just be aware that things might be a little enhanced as we all make it through the day.

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