The biggest and brightest super moon will be visible from Rockford in November.

The last time we had a super moon this bright occurred three years after the Cubs were last in the World Series, 1948

What is a super moon? According to AccuWeather's Erik Austin

A super moon occurs because of the moon's elliptical orbit around our planet. On the perigee side, the moon is about 30,000 miles closer to earth than on the apogee side making it larger and brighter than normal.

The super moon will be visible over the skies of Rockford on the night of November 14th.

Catch the super moon is when it rises on the horizon, because this is the time the moon appears huge, almost like an optical illusion.

If you miss this super moon, you'll see another one on December 14th. This one is won't be as large. The next chance to super moon of this size will be in 2034.


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