You never exactly know what's going to happen when the light goes on, and live t.v. is on the air. This one was has so many levels to it.

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YouTube - Live Bloopers

Let's start with what the on the scene reporter is wearing. Jeans, a t-shirt, looking like someone from the stunt show and not the t.v. dude. Dress the part for what you are doing, I know...But seriously?

YouTube - Live Bloopers

There's a pool, a guy on board holding on preparing to do some sort of rad, dope trick. The person in charge of pulling him into the pool did NOT get the o.k. to go, and all hell breaks lose.

The guys reaction when he gets out of the water KNOWING his epic fail was on live t.v. is priceless. Oh, he's a WORLD CHAMPION Wakeboarder too...

YouTube - Live Bloopers

Here's your moment to promote what you are doing at the boat show and someone else causes your epic fail. He chucks his helmet, says a few choice words and is PISSED...rightly so.

Now, to add insult to injury check out the in studio t.v. anchor. The jeans and t-shirt guy sold it pretty good, "he'll be at the boat show this weekend doing this really well." Great recovery, by that guy...But the lady in the studio, not so much. (laughs) "Oh, that was worth it!"

YouTube - Live Bloopers

Yikes, not a ounce of remorse or an "oh, I hope he's alright!" Geez lady, nice job.

O.K. so let's put it all together, enjoy:

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