Growing up in a Lutheran family we celebrated the Lenten season, but we never went as far as giving something up for 40 days.

I have watched and heard many friends struggle with what to give up for Lent each year, and the struggle gets even harder committing to it for 40 days.

So, Lenten strugglers, let me ask you this...Would it be easier to commit to giving up 40 of your worldly possessions that could help others, than it is to give up sugar or pop for 40 days?

If you're currently screaming "YES!", here's a Lent challenge you should try instead this year.

It's called 40 Days - 40 items, and it's premise is just what it sounds. During the Lenten season you commit to giving up one item each day for 40 days to donate to charity. Many people take it even further than one item a day though and commit to donating 40 Bags in 40 Days.

Every day people are filling a bag with things that they longer need, and they continue to fill a new bag every day for 40 days. What a great way to declutter and organize your home!

Whether you choose to part with 40 items, or 40 bags filled with items, for Lent you can feel good knowing your doing something good for you AND for this community.

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