Just three weeks ago we heard about the horrible shooting in Aurora Illinois. According to Chicagotribune.com, the Illinois State Police say it's time for some changes.

The ISP have just announced a new list of changes making it harder for people to keep guns after they lose their right to carry or own a firearm. Four pages in total, the statement explains how  FOID cards are revoked and how their guns are seized, and how they keep and share the records.

The director of the state police, Brendan Kelly, said these are the first steps and he talked about how weak our nation's background check system is. Another change is set to give the police better access to the people whose FOID card has been revoked, as well as a list of firearms that have been purchased by people with revoked FOID cards.

The changes are being implemented right now and police are going through their list of current revocations and they will target the high-risk individuals to make sure their guns have been turned over. If you're not supposed to have a gun you better not get caught with one.

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