Here's something bad that could happen if you don't store your cannabis edible properly and your kids get their hands on them.

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School Has Changed Through The Years

When I think back to my time going to school, especially, in the early years. Things that seemed bad at the time in reality weren't a big deal. In the grand scheme of life, it was just a small blip on the radar.

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Sneaking Items Into School

Nowadays, when you hear about a student sneaking something into a class, it is usually a very serious, dangerous, and scary situation. Back when I was in school, the items typically weren't dangerous. They were just inappropriate for the situation. Many teachers had a designated drawer in their desks to store the confiscated contraband.

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Honestly, I was too afraid to get in trouble and face my parents so I never tried. I thought it would be fun to go back and come up with some of the stuff my former classmates got taken away in school by the teacher.


Toys - If you brought any toys to school, there was a very good chance you would get caught immediately.

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Comic Books - Trying to pull the old hide inside a textbook trick, rarely worked.

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Radio - The loud music at recess always gave you away.

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Candy - You would never bring enough for the whole class, so someone usually told on you.


Playboy - I actually went to school with a kid that brought one of his dad's Playboy magazines into class. That caused a huge crisis.

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Students Bringing "Adult" Treats To School

Every once in a while, you'll see a story about a student bringing some adult "party favors" like booze or weed. It's a nightmare scenario for their parents.


Legal recreational marijuana makes the situation a little bit more tricky. There are cannabis-infused treats that look exactly like normal ones. Thinking it's a tasty snack, the kids bring them to school to share with the other students.


Real-Life Pot Treats At Illinois Middle School

According to,

Multiple eighth-grade students at James Hart Middle School consumed a "cereal look-alike item" that contained THC and other unknown substances, the administration wrote in an email to parents.


According to the school, more students could have eaten the product, which was named and packaged like a mainstream snack.


The students who ate the item are being monitored and seeking medical attention if needed.


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Please Be Careful

If you do partake in the "weed edibles" please be careful and keep them out of the reach of your children.

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