By now you have probably heard the announcement that Steven Tyler of Aerosmith is releasing a country album. Not everyone is happy about it.

Outdated rock-and-rollers’ playing country music, as Clay Walker puts it. He is not too happy about country music expanding as music is increasingly  becoming intertwined with classic rock.

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith (Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images) reports that in a recent interview Clay is becoming frustrated with the addition of "outside artists" reinventing themselves in the country world. Clay cites:

  • Poison‘s Bret Michaels
  • Aerosmith‘s Steven Tyler

Clay Walker is quoted as saying:

I can’t stand to see outdated rock-and-rollers coming in to play country music. That really p—ed me off. We have great singers, great country musicians. There’s no reason we have to dilute it by letting people in the format that don’t have any business being in the format.


It should also be noted that Clay Walker is also not a fan of mixing hip-hop and country music. Walker cited the song that Tim McGraw recorded with Nelly a few years back, but he's still able to appreciate that the genre has opened up for new fans.