If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything positive, I believe it is to value and support the people and places we love most. When we couldn't hang out with large groups of family and friends, we found different ways to interact. When we couldn't get dolled up for a night out on the town for dinner and drinks, we ordered carryout and discovered very quickly how important it was to shop local.

Back in January GoRockford hosted the first ever 'To-Go Rockford Region Restaurant Week', and when you look at these numbers, I think it's pretty safe to say it was a big win for locally-owned restaurants and bars...

I'm guessing folks in Stephenson County also saw those impressive numbers, and it's one of the reasons they organized their own 'Restaurant Week' which is kicking off April 23, 2021.

Bill Clow, business engagement director of the Greater Freeport Partnership, recently told WIFR;

Stephenson County are filled with great restaurants with a wide variety of dishes and delights. We are happy to highlight the many options that are available locally and hope that residents and visitors will make extra effort to support restaurants during this special time and throughout the season.

Stephenson County Restaurant Week will actually run for 9 days, April 23 through May 1, and I promise taking one look at this restaurant guide will make you drool.

If you're a proud foodie who loves to support local restaurants and bars, please make make the short trek to Freeport and Stephenson County at the end of this month. Your taste buds can thank me later for the heads up. ;)

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