He's known to his family and friends as "Buster" and this will be his last Memorial Day weekend. 41-year-old Leroy Raymond is dying of cancer but he had the opportunity to do something he loves, one last time.

His last wish was to go fishing with his friends, and his friends made it happen this weekend. A final moment, spent at the banks of the Rock River.

WIFR-TV reports that Buster was diagnosed with cancer in November and doctors are only giving him 48 hours to live. Buster's sister Tammy Woodford says it has been a long, painful road.
Tammy told WIFR-TV

His diagnosis was in November. He had a couple of surgeries, and it's gotten progressively worse over the last six months.



Buster unfortunately is unable to speak or move on his own. So, many of friends, family and his motorcycle group were able to grant him his final wish.

His friends and family have set up a GOFUNDME Page to help with Hospital and Funeral expenses

Buster's loved ones had the opportunity say their final goodbyes, they also say he's at peace.