McHenry Police received a surprise visit at the station Monday.  On January 7th, The McHenry Police department got a little nervous when a cute little squirrel entered the front door at their station. So apparently,  squirrels are pretty small but extremely fast. It's so funny seeing these tough officers act the way they did over something so small and cute.

In the video, you can hear officers and employees alike screaming and getting really excited as they try to coax the little squirrel out their front door. There are two sets of doors and both officers are standing there trying to open the outer doors and at the same time close the inner doors to try to get the squirrel out of building completely. Hilariously, the inner door will not close when the officer tries because of a pneumatic function on the door so it doesn't slam shut. Luckily, the squirrel got out unharmed but I'm sure he helped raise the blood pressure on some officers.

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