It's really happening but the big question is, how will that leftover milk taste?

There's a new cereal hitting store shelves at Walmart the day after Christmas and it sounds like something on the Grinch would enjoy. While some cereals leave behind the best leftover milk flavor but after reading the description of the new Sour Patch Kids Cereal you might agree - this sounds like a flavored accident. says the cereal pieces (shaped like kids) will have "a sour coating and a sweet finish." It's almost an incomprehensible thought because of the flavor combination. Sour and sweet in a cereal? Can you guess what the milk will taste like at the end of that eating adventure? Please tell me the "sweet" will be leftover in the milk because, though I've never experienced it, sour milk sounds terrible. Or, maybe it's not as bad as it may seem.

One Sour Patch Kids Cereal taste tester described it in a way that might intrigue you enough to buy a box. A blogger at Thrillist shared his review,  “Holy moly, they nailed the sour flavors... The milk does not get sour but it does retain an artificial tartness that tastes pretty good!” So maybe it isn't such a bad idea after all. Most of us will have to wait until December 26 to try it for ourselves.

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