You need to make a trip to Winnebago for breakfast or lunch and you need to bring the whole family.

I've been through Winnebago enough times to know what places there are to eat and drink. It's a small town so it isn't that challenging to remember them all but the place I'm about to tell you about is literally hidden in plain view.

I'm not exaggerating about this place being hidden. Even after leaving the restaurant, I looked outside again to see if the name of the joint was on the exterior. The name of the lovely owner, which the restaurant is named after, is not on the outside. Not yet, at least.


On South Benton Street near the home of the Winnebago Indians is Nancy's Diner. You might not know it though if you're not a local or know what you're looking for. I'm not a local and I only kind of knew what I was looking for. I'll call this discovery a win.

On the outside, there's a big sign that reads "Kennedy's on Benton"...

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But, on the inside, you'll find Nancy's Diner. It's also the same place you'll find one of the sweetest women and nicest staff I've come across in a long long time.

Seeing Nancy and her staff interact with guests was like watching a joyful Hallmark movie or something. It was easy to tell these folks were genuine about the care and attention they gave their guests.

Nancy wasn't the server for my booth but she did come by to ask how things were and the usual but, being me, I had so many questions about her and the diner. She answered them all and was even more excited when she learned it was my birthday.

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She told me all about the diner and all the community/family activities inside. They have character days, most recently featuring Wonder Woman, and the next will be Spiderman.

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They do seasonal fish fries later in the year and I noticed a sign on the wall where you can sign up to attend some sort of football watching parties.

(Also, Nancy was serving up pieces of birthday cake in celebration of being open for one year.)

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The menu options were the perfect amount and not overwhelming. The food was incredibly delicious and my coffee cup was never empty.

You need to make a trip to 109 S. Benton Street in Winnebago.


You can "like" Nancy's Diner here or click your way through the website.

Remember to be looking for the "Kennedy's" sign and then give Nancy a big 'ole hug.

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