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Soon You Could Get Divorced And Remarry on Same Day In Wisconsin

So there's a new bill in Wisconsin that would allow divorced people to marry someone else immediately. No more waiting six months to be able to tie another noose, I mean knot.

The bill's author, Republican Rep. Cindi Duchow, says:

the waiting period penalizes people who get divorced when they've broken no laws.

If you didn't know, the current law in every state is that you have to go through a cooling off period. THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA. It makes zero sense to me to just run into another committed relationship. And I don't say this because you should take time to run around dating like a crazy person. For once, the court system actually had your back. After a divorce, you're a train wreck, and you know I'm right. I've been going through a divorce for 19 months, and if I actually wasn't bald, I would've pulled it all out by now. It's even more complicated when there are kids involved. One day your heart is broken, the next day you want to break something.

I'm sure it's possible to cheat on your spouse and fall in love with that other person so quickly that you just want to jump into another marriage, but do you really think you should? Part of you was broken before that other person ever stepped foot in your life. You MUST take time to repair that brokenness and learn more about who you are. Even if the sex has been fabulous, that doesn't mean the relationship will be. The idea of that new relationship felt good because you were so unhappy. Take time to get happy on your own. You deserve, and your kids deserve it.

So what's next for this ridiculous bill? According to cbs58.com, the Assembly is scheduled to vote on the bill Thursday. Approval would send the measure to the State Senate. It would have to pass there and be signed by Gov. Scott Walker before becoming law.

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