Who gets the dog? A new law will decide for Illinois pet owners in 2018.

Divorces can get nasty. You have to divide up years of belongings. It can be difficult deciding who gets the house, cars, TV, appliances, furniture, and more.

What about the pets? Who gets the family dog?

The way that is decided changes for Illinois residents in 2018.

According to wgntv.com,

"New state law treats pets more like children in custody cases."

Your pet really is part of the family. Well, in this case, they are considered "assets."

"Beginning Jan. 1, divorcing couples who can’t agree on pet custody will have to prove to a judge who’s the better owner."

"Animal rights attorneys say the judge will weigh who does the day to day caretaking of the pet, like feeding, walks, and vaccinations."

If you know anyone going to law school, you might suggest they consider taking up animal custody law. I think this could become big business.

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